Open Science Communities, like the OSC-W, are independent, bottom-up local communities made up of members of various scholarly disciplines and career stages.

Our Vision

Open science will be the norm in our research. Open science practices and values are embedded in all workflows across all disciplines.

Our science will be accessible, reproducible, transparent, and inclusive.

Our Mission

We are a bottom-up community introducing and fostering open science practices at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and associated research institutes that stimulates transparency, accessibility, and reproducibility of responsible research across all disciplines.

Thereby, we encourage collaboration and make science more efficient, inclusive, and influential.

Our Goal

The OSC-W is a platform for open science newcomers and experienced researchers, to inspire each other and embed open science practices and values in their workflows, provide feedback onpolicies, infrastructure, and support services.

Our Target Group

Researchers, staff, institutional stakeholders, and students who have never heard about, who are curious towards, and who are experienced with open science practices.

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