Submission information

Submit your own Open Science case

The submission form requires the following information, if you apply for the Lighthouse Award yourself:

Information Description
Contact information
Case Study Title The case study should be no more than 800 words in total.
Open Science objectives/practices Please specify one or more of the Open Science objectives/practices addressed in your case study
Introduction Please provide a brief description of the open practice(s) and tool(s) used, as well as the context in which the open practices were used.
Motivation Why did you use the Open Science practice(s) (e.g., what are the benefits and for whom)
Lessons learned Please reflect on the barriers or challenges and/or supporting factors (e.g., supervisor, workshops, infrastructure, funding) encountered.

Additional information:

  • How much extra time did the open practices require?
  • URLs, references and further information
  • word count (excluding title, URLs, references and further information)

Nominate a colleague

The submission form requires the following information, if you nominate a colleague:

Information Description
Your contact information Your nomination is anonymous
The contact information of the nominee After your nomination, we will contact the nominee to ask for permission.
Motivation Please describe why you think that your colleague deserves the first Open Science Lighthouse Award.

The description should be no more than 500 words in total. You can include information on the Open Science objectives/practices that your colleague advances, how they inspire you and others to open your research or how your colleague and others are benefiting from their open research practices.