September 2022

Dear Open Science Community,

We are back from our summer break with some fresh news and interesting Open Science events in the pipeline. Student Assistant

To accelerate the growth of our community, we are seeking support from a student assistant. We are looking for an MSc student who is capable of maintaining our RMarkdown/hugo and Git-based website and doing some basic statistical analyses with R. Please spread the news! Further information on our website and attached.

Lunch Seminars: 12.30 – 13.30 hrs, Orion

During our lunch seminar on 29. September Yizhou Ma will present his open-source software development project on 3D food printing. Yizhou will share a few examples of open-source software development for food manufacturing. The developed tools unify learnings from operators and digitize them for scalable uses. They are built as open-source and targeted to provide general solutions to a set of similar problems. Yizhou is a PhD candidate from the Food Process Engineering chair group. Further information and sign-up on our website.

In the next lunch seminar on 27. October David Katzin will discuss factors that facilitate and impede open source coding in greenhouse horticulture: What are potential benefits and drawbacks? What are the attitudes toward this practice? How does open source fit within the general framework of open science? And what steps should we take to make our code open source? Take a look at our website for further information and to sign up.

Cheers, Annika Tensi for OSC-W